Cresco’s Decarbonisation Strategy Solutions provide our clients with an up-to-date Net Zero strategy based on advanced financial evaluation and strategic analysis of the latest decarbonisation technologies and solutions. Cresco’s expertise is to enable our clients to achieve energy savings and progress on their decarbonisation strategy goals in a structured and responsible manner. We can help our clients create a Net Zero strategy that can they can use to apply for renewable energy project funding.

Cresco’s unique experience enables us to identify that fine line between achieving optimal cost savings and identifying where a client will be confronted with a green premium. This is crucial for clients that are increasingly adopting renewable energy, storage, green hydrogen and other renewable energy solutions for their Net Zero strategy.

We engage deeply with key financial stakeholders, including climate finance, to ease these green premiums and enable clients to truly progress towards sustainable Net Zero pathways, customized for their organisation and specific operations.


Cresco’s experience in packaging the project for the needs of a specific customer plays a key role in developing a comprehensive Net Zero strategy for their unique power requirements. Starting with a phase of detailed analysis, Cresco will structure the project options to meet the unique needs of the client and ensure reliable technical solutions are competitively procured. Our in-depth reports and financial modelling can be used by our clients to apply for renewable energy project funding.

tree diagram showing decarbonisation services
image showing the energy transition process with cartoon cars, factories and turbines

Cresco can support clients in the decarbonisation strategy journey whether they are early or advanced in their journey to Net Zero. Our comprehensive Pathway to Net Zero reports will analyse a client’s operations and provide a robust and achievable Net Zero strategy. The report identifies renewable energy projects and renewable energy project funding that can provide comfort and clarity to key stakeholders. The in-depth report can optimise cost savings immediately while preparing to implement future technologies and solutions.

Cresco’s proprietary financial modelling can help optimise your emissions reduction journey to Net Zero, while ensuring a reliable and competitively priced power supply for your operations. Cresco can help you navigate The Energy Transitions


As 89% of global emissions are now covered by Net Zero targets, companies are increasingly required to align with climate-based targets. Cresco can support your organisation to identify low hanging fruit and easy wins with Scope 1 and 2 emissions and can help you competitively procure low carbon solutions for your power system.  Cresco will help you develop a comprehensive Net Zero strategy and realistic renewable energy project funding to ensure a sustainable, reliable power supply. Decarbonisation is occurring at three different levels: 

three step process of the decarbonisation levels

Cresco can help you by modelling these options and can help you understand the costs and implications of upgrading your organisation for the future.

In addition to modelling latest technologies and solutions under development for power systems, Cresco can help your organisation with Green Product Development and Sustainable Raw Materials Sourcing, enabling you to prepare for a low carbon future by reducing Scope 3 emissions.